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We make toys for Kids, and we want our kids to live on this planet in a healthy and sustainable way. Therefore we aim to do everything we can do to reduce our impact on Climate change and minimize our environmental impact.    

We believe the responsibility is on the Toy Industry to be more transparent and change. The toy industry has been for too long relying on plastic, non-sustainable toys and we aim to change that in several ways:       

And we believe you (the client) should not pay extra for this. Sustainability should be included in the core of a company and available for everybody and should not be more expensive. 

 Below you can find several initiatives that we take to reduce our environmental impact.

Materials: we aim to maximize the usage of sustainable materials like Wood, and reduce the usage of Plastics to a bare minimum.    

All wooden elements in this Play Box are made from well-managed FSC wood 

Packaging: we try to reduce all unnecessary packaging (and still present it nicely).

Transportation: Our products move from factory to distribution center, then directly from distribution center to customers across the globe. We try to reduce the transportation to a minimum. 

Product Use: Our toys are designed to last a lifetime of playing. When your child does not longer play with them we encourage you to make somebody else happy with them.

Recycling: It would be great if you could help us in our mission and recycle all carton elements of the packaging.


Next steps:

For the years 2021-2025 we aim to work on the following projects to further improve our carbon footprint:

  • Further reduce our impact in:
    • Materials
    • Packaging
    • Transportation
  • Enable clients to order spare parts in case you lose something.
  • Set up a platform for clients to exchange products
  • Support Carbon offset projects that generate clean energy like wind, water or sun.